The First Book On Retirement Planning That Documents How To Plan + How to Sell 
 Dr Sanjay Tolani spends 11 years working with multiple high-net-worth clients, to decode and develop this blueprint for retirement planning.
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Everyone needs retirement planning but there are very few advisors who knows how to do it the right way. In this book you will learn:
Everyone needs retirement planning but there are very few advisors who knows how to do it the right way. In this book you will learn:

Stages of Retirement Planning

Best Retirement Products 

Retirement Planning Presentations

Common Objections

Closing Strategies

  • 2 Strategies to transit from a conversation to a PRESENTATION
  • 4 Essential Rules Of Concept Presentation
  • 5 Types Of Concept Presentation 
  •  21 Financial Planning Presentations
  •  6 Costly Presentation Mistakes To Avoid
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How To Close Bigger Cases Using Retirement Planning

From: Dr Sanjay Tolani

Your Personal Insurance Mentor
17 X MDRT, 2 X COT, 13 X TOT | 90 X MDRT in 2018
Dear Financial Planner,

Did you know that while many advisors are taught about retirement planning, very few actually know how to sell retirement plans? 

I spend 11 years working with multiple high-net-worth clients, to decode and develop a blueprint for retirement planning. And if you have been in the industry long enough, you will understand that retirement planning is the key to opening up big cases. And the best part is, these strategies work for anyone, not just the rich.

Imagine you are able use the same retirement strategies used by the super rich for your own clients, wouldn't this add massive value to them and make them want to listen more to you? 

This playbook was specifically designed to show you everything I know in terms of "How To Plan" AND "How To Sell" retirement planning. My intention is to show you how you can potentially open up bigger cases using retirement planning.
Here's What You Can Expect To Learn:
  • How To Create Your Retirement Plan - I’ll discuss in details the 2 stages of retirement planning which 95% of advisors are not aware of. 
  • ​ABCD Retirement Investment Strategy - There is a specific investment strategy our clients MUST adopt when it comes to retirement planning. Master it and you will be able to add massive value to your clientele.
  • ​When Is The Best Time To Talk About Retirement Planning? - 75% of advisors try to sell more when they need to hit targets, and completely miss out on all the perfect timings to open up the right conversations.
  • Which Financial Products Are Best For Retirement Planning? - For the first time ever, not only will I be covering an insider overview on financial products, I'll simplify the process so that you know exactly which product is best to recommend for any client.
  • 4 Presentations Best For Retirement Planning - these are concept presentations design specifically to cover RP. 
  • 9 Common Objections - I even include the scripts to handle them 
  • Closing Techniques - I run through you step by step how to close a RP case & Add massive value to your client
  • ​​The "Big Mac" Upselling Method - I’ll teach you how to get clients to save more without appearing pushy at all.
  • 3 Costly Mistakes - that advisors always make... that makes clients NOT want to plan their retirement with them.
And the list goes on.. I even included my own personal journey explaining how I struggled as an agent which inspired me to document down these strategies till this day.
Remember: This book serves to provide the tips and strategies on how to do your presentation, but most importantly you have to apply and practice these strategies. I hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I enjoyed writing it!
Dr Sanjay Tolani Has Already Helped Countless Financial Advisors Around The World...
"I closed 3 big case after using 2 presentations in this book."
"I used to have really big challenges trying to convince my clients to plan for their retirement... so I actually gave up and just wait for clients to ask themselves. After reading this book I went to try 2 of the presentations with my long-time clients... and it actually worked and i manage to close 3 big case this month! Thank you for writing this book!
Gerald, Financial Advisor, Singapore
"I've been in the industry for many years... But I never knew there was this ABCD retirement strategy"
"One of the biggest challenge when it comes to retirement planning is trying to convince my clients that my strategies work. The ABCD strategies documented in this book helps me position as a credible advisor. Now I'm more confident talking about retirement. "
Kheng Hwa, Insurance Director, Malaysia
"I didn't expect my client to buy from me after he read the book himself"
"I know this book is written for advisors but my client is my good friend so and just nice he was interested to start learning more about investing for retirement...So i gave him the book because I was lazy to explain to him and surprisingly he ended up coming back to me  to start his retirement plan for him! Now I decided to get a few more books and give my other clients to test if it works."
Deddy, Financial Planner, Indonesia
"I don't know how to sell retirement... Now my sales is 200%"
"I know retirement planning is important , but there is no one teaching me how to do it. Even if there is, they always don't share exactly what they do. I'm glad I read this book, because it literally documents everything I need to know about retirement. And thanks to me doing retirement, this quarter my sales IMPROVED by 200%. Thank you Dr Sanjay. Excited to see more books comig from you. "
Anna, Insurance Agent, Philippines
"Gave this book to my team and 3 of them started closing retirement cases themselves"
"I've been trying to get team to close retirement cases ( because they are bigger in premium size). But they keep coming to me asking for help. So I decided to get the book and tell them "Just read finish before coming back to me", surprisingly, my guys started to close retirement cases themselves. I guess what I like about this book is Dr Sanjay seriously document everything... he even teach in the book how to sell.Thank you Dr Sanjay. ."
Fay, Director, Hong Kong
What Can You Expect?
Theory Aspect Of The Book
Practical Aspect Of The Book
Frequently Asked Questions 
 Who is Dr Sanjay Tolani?
Dr Sanjay Tolani, a 17-year member of the Million Dollar Round Table – The Premier Association of Financial Professionals, with 2 Court of the Table & 13 Top of the Table honors.

He became the youngest member in 2003 at the age of 19 and then qualified as the Youngest Life Member in 2012 at the age of 28. He also became the Youngest Managing Director of an Insurance Brokerage in the Middle East.

In 2018, Dr Sanjay achieved 90 MDRT alone and has documented his experiences in the book too.  
Will Dr Sanjay's Book be relevant to us?
Absolutely! This is because even though Dr Sanjay is based in Dubai, his clients come from 53 countries, including Asian countries. As his clients here in Asia are savvy and educated, he is intimately familiar with our taxation rules, industry regulations and norms of the locals here.
Why is Dr Sanjay so generous in sharing his trade secrets? Is there a catch?
For starters, Dr Sanjay is a solo practitioner. He doesn't manage an agency and has no intention to build one. That's not his focus. Hence this is NOT a recruitment campaign for any private practice or whatsoever. 

His intent is to pay it forward and raise the standards in the financial service industry. This way, everyone wins! You'll like to also know that this is not for profit.
Where do you ship to?
We all countries. If we are unable to ship to your location due to high shipping cost, we will refund the full amount back to you. 
How long does the shipping takes?
As our book is always out of stock, it typically takes up to 21 days to reach you. If the book delivery exceed 21 days, we will email to notify you separately. 
Can I buy in bulk?
We have limited numbers of books printed. This book is meant for people in the family only. 
 Why is Dr Sanjay promoting his book?
Dr Sanjay wants to help more financial advisers to leverage on his expertise and knowledge to serve more prospects. We have limited quantities of books, so it comes on a first come first serve basis. 
 Can I get the book from the bookstore near me?
No. We currently only do online delivery but we are considering to expand and reach out to bookstores in 2020. 
The book is sold out. When will you restock?
We usually take about 1-3 months for the new batch to be printed
Do you have a sample of what I will be learning in the book?
Yes! Watch the video here.
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